To reduce the harmful effects of noise, we offer acoustic panels and VELOX walls that, when combined, offer excellent sound proofing and air-curtains. Simple installation allows versatile use, regardless of location, terrain topography or underlying bedrock.

Acoustic panels and VELOX walls create optimum protection from environmental noise and contribute significantly to improving living conditions. Treat yourself to a quieter environment!

Some of the advantages of VELOX noise barriers are:

  • High sound absorption capability
  • High capacity air insulation
  • Simplicity and speed of assembly regardless of the variety of the terrain
  • High durability and resistance to weathering, water, salt, frost and rot
  • Easy replacement of damaged parts and panels
  • Variety of coloured paint or colour patterns
  • Creation of plastic shapes and forms with regard to the character of the landscape
  • Wide application in the area of road and rail routes in residential and industrial zones

VELOX noise boards are made from a mixture of wood chips, cement and fibreglass. It's properties will resist water, salt, frost, rot and mechanical damage. The porosity of the surface ensures excellent damping and noise absorption.

VELOX boards have the necessary rigidity, whilst it is also self-supporting and is used for cladding VELOX panels. The boards can be easily painted and sprayed according to customer requirements.

  • Made from a mixture of wood chips, cement and fibreglass
  • provides excellent damping properties and noise absorption
  • Has the necessary rigidity and load-bearing properties
  • High density for absorbing noise
  • Resistant to weathering, water, salt, frost and rot
  • Can be used for VELOX cladding boards and separately as a fence system
Sound Proofing Boards

Sound absorbtion 2 db 4 db 4 db 8 db 8 db 11db
Thickness 35mm 50mm 50mm 80mm 100mm 115mm
Board size (l x w) 2000x500 2000x500 2000x500 2000x500 2000x500 2000x500
Weight 29 kg / m 2 29 kg / m 2 29 kg / m 2 29 kg / m 2 29 kg / m 2 29 kg / m 2


smooth smooth corrugated corrugated trapezoidal trapezoidal

Acoustic panels are made up of a wooden frame and VELOX boards. The acoustic panel frame is assembled from wooden beams, 120 x 80 mm and 100 x 30 mm planks, with protection against rot and mildew Wolmanitem QX-10 with long-term efficiency. The supporting frame is fixed with plated screws and nails.

VELOX boards are adjusted where necessary, and cut according to the architectural design. According to the requirements of the project, it is possible for high sound absorption using the VELOX panels on both sides. Panels can be stacked to create a desired height of the wall.

Plate type on the obverse absorption highly absorbent
WSO WSW 75 WSZ 100 WSZ 105
Panel width (at HEA 160) 295 mm 300 mm 305 mm 310 mm
Panel Weight kg / m 2 85 93 104 110
Airborne sound dB > 25 > 25 > 25 > 25
Sound absorption DL α 8 db 8 db 13 db 11 db
Tl. acoustic panels 80 mm 75 mm 100 mm 105 mm
Profile acoustic panels corrugated pyramidal trapezoidal corrugated
Resistance against water, salt and weather conditions Max. waste after 150 cycles of 240 g / m 2
Resistance mech. load satisfactory satisfactory satisfactory satisfactory

A noise protection wall (referred to as PHS) is formed by individual soundproof panels (PHP). When building noise barriers, profiled absorbent VELOX plates are used measuring 2000 x 500 mm. This format is crucial to set acoustic panels in various categories.

Category acoustic panels

1) Basic - not necessary to adjust the dimensions of the panels 
2) Modular - not necessary to adjust the dimensions of the panels 
3) Special - the production is necessary to adjust the dimensions of the cutting boards

Dimensions of acoustic panels

Basic dimensions PHP 4000 x 2000 mm. 
When the PHS height is greater than 2500 mm, it is necessary to combine multiple PHP, of differing heights, to each other to form the desired height.
Maximum size of one PHP is 5000 x 2500 mm.

Tolerance in dimensions of PHP:

  • Length ± 5 mm
  • Height ± 5 mm
  • Width ± 5 mm

In the case of installation in profiles HEA / HEB 160 PHP dimension is given by the size of the absorption area profiled
absorbent panels VELOX. 
Duration PHP = sum of the lengths of the boards horizontally on one piece of PHP. 
PHP height = sum of the lengths of the boards vertically on one piece PHP .

For installation in concrete columns is determined by the length dimension PHP wooden frame and height absorbing profiled absorbent panels VELOX. 
acoustic panel length = length of the wooden frame 
height acoustic panel = sum of the lengths of the boards vertically on one piece of PHP.

Basic acoustic panels

Dimensions are given multiple of acoustic panels VELOX without modification cutting.

Standard size of PHP:

Designation (type) PHP Length Height
From 40/20 4000 mm 2000 mm

Modular acoustic panels

Dimensions of modular PHP are all multiples of VELOX acoustic panels without any modification.

Multiples of slab width 500 mm

500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4500, 5000 mm

Plate height is 2000 mm

Atypical acoustic panels

Dimensions of atypical acoustic panels are not whole multiples of the size of VELOX noise boards. In the production it is necessary to modify the dimensions of the panel.

Atypical acoustic panels are divided into groups:

  • By length
    • below 2500 mm (outside multiples slab width 500 mm)
    • 2510 - 5000 mm (outside multiples of slab width 500 mm)
  • According to height
    • to 1500 mm
    • 1510 - 2200 mm
    • 2210 - 2500 mm
4002 Sound Proofing panel
4003s Sound Proofing panel
4003m & xl Sound Proofing panel
SYSTEM 4002 4003 S 4003 M 4003 XL
Panel dimensions (mm) 2000x500 4000x2000 4000x2000 4000x2000
Panel width of plate WSO 70 (mm) 105 135 225 285
Maximum length of panel (mm) 2000 4000 5000 5000
Max. Panel Height (mm) 500 2000 2500 2500
Height folding panels on each other YES NE YES YES
Max. Wall height (mm) 2000 2000 According to the static calculation According to the static calculation (up to 10 m)
Max. dynamic pressure (wind pressure)   1.25kN/m2   2.8kN/m2
Mounted in a vertical beams HEA HEA, reinforced HEA, reinforced HEA, HEB reinforced
HEA beams overlap NE NE NE YES
Wood frame NE YES YES YES
-Joists (mm) NE 30x100NE 120x80 120x80
-Boards (mm) NE NE NE 100x30
Rubber gaskets NE NE YES YES
The ability to edit form NE YES YES YES
The distribution boards panel Both horizontal front horizontal rear vertical Both vertical sides both horizontal sides, vertical and diagonal
Recommended use Fence System Business center, park, playground, special use Roads, industrial areas Rail corridors, highway

VELOX noise barriers are used to dampen noise such as in tunnels, under bridges or in places that do not allow the use of classical acoustic panels, such as retaining walls.

How does it work?

1) Anchoring to concrete walls

VELOX noise panels are hung on the wall using the concrete facade anchor system SPIDI, which reinforces the concrete wall's SPIDI anchors. The board itself is anchored to the horizontal position of the beam anchor system made of high-strength aluminum, due to their high weather resistance and durability.

Before starting, work must be done to measure out any unevenness. Subsequently begin by mounting the SPIDI max console AlZn, so supporting L-profil 45/55 mm formed continuous plane. Supporting L-profiles to SPIDI max consoles gaining hold self-tapping screws SBS 4.8 x 16 mm. SPIDI anchors are attached to the concrete wall in 2 pieces per meter at centers 1200 mm. In the case of unevenness to use plastic shims. On the L-profiles with VELOX acoustic panels fixed screws of sufficient length. After complete assembly, execute coating the same way as noise barriers.

2) Anchoring the steel

Construction using concrete solution suggests architecture based on calculations. They must determine the dimension of vertical and horizontal structures due to their load boards. Example anchorage for steel construction (noise cooling units): The vertical beams I200 1 are fixed horizontal flank U80/140/80 thickness. 4 mm 2 using anchors and screws with the mother and washer M12 3rd Number of spandrel beams at 2 m height is 3 pieces - bottom, middle and top of the plate - fourth condition for the smooth anchor plates is offset vertical and horizontal structures in one plane, called a plane. T tile is mounted on each side runner 3 self-tapping screws or special bolt-driving nails onto steel structures. These can be mounted directly absorbing the VELOX plate or the first WSD35 plate as a base for absorbing plates of different profiles. Steel structures may enclose one side or both sides (see picture). Finishing boards as PHP.

Sound Proofing Cladding

easy cut
sound optimal
fire resistant
easy join
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox panels have optimal thermal insulation properties. This results in a living environment that is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer – even in extreme temperatures, and compared to traditional building methods requires minimal heating.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox boards are especially stable under load and are particularly resistant to warping and bending. A Velox build forms a rigid structure that won't crack, creak or distort.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox boards have excellent adhesive properties. They are simple to plaster, concrete, or cement putty both on exterior and interior walls.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox boards have optimal sound insulating properties. Interior sound is echo-free and exterior sound is extremely well insulated. Velox is often employed specifically for its sound insulation – as noise barriers near motor- ways for example.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox is naturally flame retardant and boasts excellent fire resistance. In tests according to the ÈSN 73 0862 classification of the flammable levels of building materials Velox achieved a 'B' grade - 'hardly flammable'.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox boards are very easy to join. They can be nailed, screwed, dowelled or glued. This makes them versatile, simple and fast to manipulate into the desired arrangement.
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Unique properties of the Velox Building System

Velox builds have excellent hygene and health properties, are resistant to fungi and rodents and are approved by the Czech republic’s main authorised health and hygene authority.